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Gifted and Talented

Recognizing Characteristics of Gifted Children
ERIC Clearing House of Handicapped on Handicapped and Gifted Children (1985) cites three types of characteristics of gifted children: general behavioral, learning, and creative characteristics. A few of these characteristics are listed here, but to learn more, please contact any SISD administrator.
Gifted children’s behavior differs from that of their age-appropriate peers in the following ways:
General Behavioral Characteristics:
  • May learn to read early, with better comprehension of the nuances of the language
  • Often read widely, quickly and have large vocabulary
  • Commonly learn basic skills quickly with less practice
  • Like to learn new things and willing to examine the unusual; highly inquisitive
  • Usually respond well to parents, teachers, and other adults
Learning Characteristics:
  • Have keen observation and can identify important details
  • Take great pleasure in intellectual activities
  • Readily see cause/effect relationships
  • Often display a questioning attitude and seek information for its own sake
  • Often skeptical, critical, and evaluative. Quick to spot inconsistencies
  • Often attack complicated material by separating it into components for systematic analysis
Creative Characteristics:
  • Fluent thinkers, able to generate possibilities
  • Flexible thinkers, able to use different alternatives to solve problems
  • Original thinkers, seeking new, unusual or unconventional associations
  • Less intellectually inquisitive than their peers
  • Often disagree spiritedly with other’s views

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