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Fundraiser info

Our Fall Fundraiser has started!  Here are a few things to make note of with the fundraiser....

 - Please make sure that your students name is on their oder form

 - Please make sure customers see what sizes are available for each item

 - Please make sure the sizes are marked clearly on the order form.
There is no way to get a replacement if the wrong size is ordered.

 - Please make sure to add $2 to the cost of an item for 2XL and 3XL

 - Customers have a chance to add a name and/or number to certain
selections.  Make sure you know what can have personalization and what can not.  Make sure to add the correct charge for what they are getting.  Make sure it is listed neatly and correctly.

 - The sell lasts for two weeks.  All order forms and money are due on
September 12th.

 - Make checks out to HJH Band

 - Orders would be in 2 to 3 weeks after sell ends