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Meeting Cancelled/Here's the info

With all of the bitter cold weather, tonight's JH band parents meeting is cancelled. I can go over everything right here.

HJH & Gilbert INFO
The spring trips will be here before we know it. All money for both the HJH and Gilbert trips are due on February 9th. HJH students should have all $75 paid by this date. All Gilbert students should have all $50 paid by this date. If you can't get it taken care of by then, please let me know and we can work something out. If you are unsure about how much your student still owes, please don't hesitate to email me.

Chaperones! If you are interested in chaperoning a trip, please let me know. Right now, we should have enough for the JH trip. We need more for the Gilbert trip on May 12th. If you are interested, let me know.

Our spring fundraiser with both HJH and Gilbert started last week and runs through next Wednesday.

Don't forget that the private lessons program is up and running. The cost of each lesson is $16. The Stephenville band fans do offer $8 scholarships to make your cost only $8. Private lessons are a great help and I encourage everyone to participate. If you are interested in having your student take private lessons from a specialist on their specific instrument, please let me know.

Mark your calendars.......Spring Concert will be May 10th.

For those JH students that made the All-Region Band, the concert is next Saturday January 27th at Stephenville High School at 6:00 PM. We will have 2 more rehearsals in order to prepare on January 17th, and 24th.

HJH students will have the opportunity to play at the Texanns basketball game on February 13. Sign up list is in the band hall.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Chris Conway

All-Region Results

FALL 2017
On Saturday, November 18th 2017 some 400 Junior High band students from across Region 7 participated in the All-Region Band Tryouts here at Henderson Junior High. HJH was well represented with………….59 students being placed!  That is just three spots away from matching last year’s number of 62 spots earned.  With only 81 spots available, HJH students will make up 73% of this All-Star Band.  This includes 11 first chairs and 5 sections that will only have HJH students in them.  These students will now get a chance to perform a concert right here at Stephenville High School on Saturday January 27th.  I have included their names and chair placement Congratulations to them for their hard work!
Sydney Nguyen  - 3rd Chair
Nicole Islas - 5th Chair
Yanira Lopez - 6th Chair
Alyssa Clayton - 7th Chair
Ariana Soto - 8th Chair
McKenna Dillard - 1st Chair
Alexes Thurman - 1st Chair
Tessa Drew - 1st Chair
Mia Jaimes - 2nd Chair
Grace Garcia - 3rd  Chair
Lilliana Guzman - 5th Chair
Shawna Morrow - 7th Chair
Mayte Aguilar - 8th Chair
Angel Perez - 9th Chair
Zachary Pfau - 10th Chair
Charlie Hicks - 11th Chair
Bryson Jones - 12th Chair
Bass Clarinet      
Jacob Davis - 1st Chair
Alto Sax    
Wesley Guinn -  1st Chair
Noah Hinson -  4th Chair
Tenor Sax 
Elliot Nehring - 1st Chair
Tyler Garrett - 2nd Chair
Shaylin Daniels - 1st  Chair
Carter Cole - 2nd Chair
Gustavo Canales - 3rd Chair
Justin Beamsley - 4th Chair
Hank Russell - 5th Chair
Zoe Brigman - 6th Chair
Lexi Kilcrease - 7th Chair
Braden Bettis - 8th Chair
Danielle Smith - 9th Chair
Madeline Haggard - 10th Chair
Jaden Robinson - 11th Chair
Brianna Guthrie - 2nd  Chair
Alexa Gallegos - 3rd Chair
Diana Sanchez - 6th Chair
Alexis McLemore - 7th Chair
Marcus Otero - 8th Chair
Arizona Barnes - 1st Chair
Osvaldo Carrillo - 2nd Chair
Kelly Alvarez - 3rd Chair
Adan Esparza - 5th Chair
Elizabeth Voorhies - 6th Chair
Peter Santos - 7th Chair
Hannah McCray - 8th Chair
Matthew McKenzie - 1st Chair
Brodee Pack - 2nd Chair
Trunks Reeves - 1st Chair
Logan Davis - 2nd Chair
Jose Alvarez - 4th Chair
Lucas Sabillon -  5th Chair
Curtis Jenkins - 1st Chair
Katherine Leach - 2nd Chair
Aiden Collins - 3rd Chair
Holden Gerhardt - 4th Chair
Emma Pope - 5th Chair
Jalynn Groseclose - 6th Chair
Joseph Gray - 7th Chair
Keaton Mays - 8th Chair

Spring Trip Info

We finally have a venue to perform at on the spring trip. Below is information and a tentative schedule for the trip. Remeber that if you have a season pass, you may use it and the cost is $35 less. Just let me know that you have one.

Who: All eligible JH band students
What: Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band Performance at the Big D Classic Festival 
Where: Truett Auditorium in Fort Worth on the campus of SW Baptist Seminary and Six Flags in Arlington
When: Saturday April 21, 2018
Cost: $75 for travel, contest entry and Six Flags ticket

Payment Schedule:

1st Payment Due by Friday November 10th - $40
Final Payment Due by February 9th - $35

Tentative Schedule:

6:30 AM Call Time
6:45 AM Load Buses
7:00 AM Leave for Truett Auditorium
8:30 AM Arrive at the Truett Auditorium
9:00 AM Symphonic Band Warm Up Time
9:30 AM Symphonic Band Performs/Wind Symphony Warm Up time
10:00 AM Wind Symphony Performs
10:30 AM Leave for Six Flags
11:00 AM Arrive at Six Flags/Lunch
7:00 PM Meet at front Gate
7:30 PM Leave for Stephenville
9:30 PM Arrive at Henderson Junior High

Fundraiser info


Our Fall Fundraiser has started. The catalog is to the right of the screen. The sell lasts for two weeks, so find a band member and shop away! Here are a few things to make note of with the fundraiser....


- Please make sure that your students name is on their order form - Please make sure customers see what sizes are available for each item - Please make sure the sizes are marked clearly on the order form. There is no way to get a replacement if the wrong size is ordered. - Please make sure to add $3 to the cost of an item for 2XL and 3XL sizes - Customers have a chance to add a name and/or number to any of the selections. Make sure to add the correct charge for what they are getting. $6 for name/ $4 for number…..$10 for both. Make sure it is listed neatly and correctly.


- Text 266980 to 559-900-322 and you will receive a link to the online store.


- Share 20 contacts and sell 25 items earns a free hoodie. Share 30 contacts and sell 45 items earns free sneakers


- Also remember that each item sold earns $5 toward each group’s end of the year trip. If JH students sell 15 items, their trip is paid for. If Gilbert students sell 10 items, their trip is paid for. - The sell lasts for two weeks. All order forms and money are due on September 5th. - Make checks out to HJH Band - Orders would be in about 3 weeks after sell ends