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Fundraiser info

Our Fall Fundraiser has started.  The sell lasts for two weeks, so find a band member and shop away! Here are a few things to make note of with the fundraiser....


- Please make sure that your students name is on their order form - Please make sure customers see what sizes are available for each item - Please make sure the sizes are marked clearly on the order form. There is no way to get a replacement if the wrong size is ordered. - Please make sure to add $3 to the cost of an item for 2XL and 3XL sizes - Customers have a chance to add a name and/or number to any of the selections. Make sure to add the correct charge for what they are getting. $6 for name/ $4 for number…..$10 for both. Make sure it is listed neatly and correctly.


- Text 396670 to 559-900-3222 and you will receive a link to the online store.


- Better step up prizes! Sell 2 (socks) Sell 5 (Hat) Sell 15 (tumbler) Sell 25 (hoodie) Sell 35 (sneakers)


- Also remember that each item sold earns $5 toward each group’s end of the year trip. If JH students sell 15 items, their trip is paid for. If Gilbert students sell 10 items, their trip is paid for.


- Print more order forms as needed! Go to www.fancloth.com/downloads and choose the link “without youth sizes” - The sell lasts for two weeks. All order forms and money are due on September 10th. - Make checks out to HJH Band - Orders would be in about 3 weeks after sell ends