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HJH Athletic Handbook

The policies in this handbook are in compliance with school board policies and administrative procedures. This handbook supersedes all prior publications governing Henderson J.H. (HJH) athletic teams and shall be used by all principals, coaches and players in grades seven and eight. The athletic program is an integral part of the total school experience for both boys and girls. It offers a variety of sports and activities to all students who have potential skill and desire to participate. The procedures and regulations set forth in the handbook are designed to provide for the efficient operation of such a program. You, the student athlete, will be held accountable and responsible for all policies contained within this handbook and for any additional ones that your respective coaches might add. This handbook is subject to revision due to unforeseen circumstances. We, as coaches and administrators, continually look to grow and better serve the athletes in our program and will make decisions on revisions as needed. Our number one interest is the kids and what is best for them.  This handbook is intended to serve as a guide for assigning discipline consequences.  The coordinator or Athletic Director has the right to assign other consequences as needed.